Can AI Really Replace Human Jobs in the Future

Can AI Really Replace Human Jobs in the Future?

Artificial intelligence or AI has been the talk of the town since last year (2023) when ChatGPT became popular. Since then, there has been a massive increase of AI tools and software that can do a lot of stuff, from content creation to video editing. There were a lot of people who were happy with this technology, but there’s also a significant number of people who felt the complete opposite. This is where the million dollar question becomes relevant – can AI really replace human jobs in the near future?

Well, we’ve analyzed a couple of things based on what we have been experiencing on a daily basis, and we are here to share them with you. There’s no denying that AI has been playing a big part of many people’s lives, much like the internet or streaming services. So, we’re here to find out if it’s going to bring more good than bad or the other way around.

What Is AI and How Does It Work?

AI or artificial intelligence is an advanced technology that are developed to stimulate human intelligence in specific tasks. Unlike traditional machines that follow a set of programmed instructions, AI systems are capable of learning and adapting based on the data they’re exposed to. That means they’re heavily reliant on the data available to actually function. It also runs using complex algorithms to analyze and learn from the provided data. 

As of writing, here are the most common tasks where AI is used:

  • Content creation 
  • Image and video generation and editing
  • Customer service
  • Automation
  • Data analysis
  • Homeworks 

This list is just a starting point. But right now, AI’s capabilities are much more than these tasks. As more and more companies invest in AI technology and how it can be more developed to help people be more efficient and make lives more convenient, we’ll still see a lot more in the future. 

So, Can AI Replace Human Jobs in the Future?

Yes, AI has the potential to replace some human jobs in the future. In fact, there are already companies who have laid off employees and replaced them with AI. Yes, it’s scary, especially for most of us who are breadwinners or have big responsibilities in life. Here’s why we think that AI can replace human jobs in the future. 

  1. AI excels at repetitive tasks. 

Jobs that involved following a set of instructions or simple decision-making are prime candidates for automation. These types of job include customer service, factory assembly line workers, telemarketers, data entry clerks, and transportation (given that there are now driverless vehicles being developed). 

However, the rise of AI also creates new opportunities for some. For example, for internet providers like Boost Infinite, they can use AI to optimize their network and adjust their strategy to provide better service to their subscribers. They can also target their marketing efforts more accurately if they utilize AI to analyze their target market demographics, etc. 

  1. AI is constantly improving.

While most AI tools we have right now still have a long way to go when it comes to complex tasks that require human-level reasoning, social skills, natural language processing, and creativity, there will come a time that it will reach that level. For example, an AI customer service bot might struggle to handle a frustrated customer’s emotional outburst that require improvisation because it lacks common sense, reasoning, and emotional intelligence. However, that’s the next step for AI developers, so it might not be long until AI is able to do that. 

  1. AI may be cheaper to have than human employees.

Budget is a main consideration for most companies because after all, they’re there for the money. If AI has become a more cost-effective option, they might not think twice to start laying off employees and replace them with AI instead. It’s an understandable reason, because if you’re a business owner, you would want what’s best for your business, even if it means saying goodbye to your valued employees. 

However, it might take a while before this happens. Not all businesses have the capacity to pay for the initial cost of developing or paying for a super advanced AI for their business operations. It’s also not a one-size-fits-all solution. A good example would be marketing a product. For instance, HughesNet deals. You cannot expect AI to effectively market this package solely on its own as it lacks the skill of an effective human marketer that understands what humans want. 

Is It Something to Be Afraid of Right Now?

Yes, if your current job can be easily replaced by AI. However, if your job requires critical thinking, specialized skills, and creativity, for example, a surgeon, then there’s no need for you to be afraid. While AI is a great tool for humans to use to make their jobs easier, it’s a different matter when humans are being replaced by bots to do their work. This could become a big problem and increase the unemployment rate in the world if most companies opt for AI instead. 

afraid from AI

As of now, it’s not that big of a threat. But in the future where AI has become more developed to mimic human capabilities, then yes, it’s something to be afraid of, especially since none of us have any idea on what they will be able to do in the future. Will it be just the what we see in the movies where AI takes over the world? Honestly, right now, it doesn’t seem impossible. 

Final Thoughts

Right now, we can’t do anything but use AI to our advantage as much as possible. While some may fear AI as a job threat, the reality is far more complex than that. It’s not impossible for AI to replace human jobs in the future as some companies are already doing this, but we don’t know what the future holds. AI may or may not fail. But until then, we have to be prepared in case that time comes so we’re not helpless. 

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